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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


Web Design FAQ's

I would like a website but I'm not sure what I need or how to go about doing it?
No problem. At Stilton Studios we offer a FREE consultation service either by phone or in person, to find out exactly what you need from your site and come up with the best possible solutions tailor made for you and your needs.

I need a small website now but would like it to grow and develop, is this possible?
Yes it is. We can create a website with this in mind and to suit any budget.

Is it possible for me to manage the content once the website is built?
Yes it is. We create websites that enable you or a member of your staff to manage the content, with as many or as little pages to content manage as you wish.

Do you supply training for this?
We supply on-site training for the content management system we use. We will guide you through all aspects of content managing your new website and can provide on-line or telephone technical support on request.

I don't have time to manage the content, can you supply this service to our business?
Yes we can. We content manage many websites that we produce. We offer a variety of options to suit our clients needs. Please contact us for more information on booking this service.

My website is old and out-of-date, can it be updated?
There are two options regarding this. We can either update your old website or create a new website. Sometimes the latter is preferred and more cost effective in the long run as you can have a completely new look website with up-to-date information. A good chance to clear out the cobwebs and rejuvinate your business.

How much does it cost to have a website built?
This varies depending on your specific needs. We individually price each website we produce as each person and client is different, with varying needs. Clients who require a simple website to get them up and running will not be paying, for example, the same price as a fully content managed system.

Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation and quote.

Can anyone have a website?
Yes they can, with their own unique domain name of your choice* (*Dependant on availability).  Do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation and quote.

I need images for my website, do you take photographs?
We offer a photography service where we come to you and your business to take images of exactly what you need, suitable for your website. We also supply the high resolution images on disk for you to use as part of your business afterwards.

What are the ongoing costs of having a website?
To maintain a website you will need to pay for the website to be held on a server so that it can be accessed. This is a called Hosting.
Hosting is usually charged annually.

To find the point at which your site is held / hosted, you will need to have your domain name registered.

Your domain name (e.g. is unique to you and is normally registered annually or bi-annually.

A website needs regular updates to maintain interest.
You may want to budget for content to be updated professionally.

See our Services section to see what we can do for your website.

What is a domain name and hosting?
View our Glossary of Terms for a detailed description.

What are Internet Scams, Phishing, Viruses and Spyware?
Scams and hoaxes
Internet scams are often chain email hoaxes that involve removing a file from the users computer as it is warned that this file is a dangerous threat.

Often the user may be tricked into removing a file which is necessary for the computer operating system.

Phishing usually begins with an email that urges you to enter your banking details into a web page to update records. The web page is designed to convince you of its authenticity and steal your banking sort codes and pin numbers. Signs that an email is untrustworthy are frequent mis-spelling, lack of 128 bit encryption (padlock symbol), and an incorrect URL.

Viruses are malicious software applications that are designed to corrupt your computer data. They can be passed from computer to computer via illegal software, emails and text document macros. There are many commercial and free software applications designed to identify and remove computer viruses.

Spyware is unauthorised software that monitors your internet usage and steals the information that you unwittingly provide. For example, this can see web pages you have visited or keystrokes input into e-commerce or banking sites. Spyware can be picked up in similar ways to viruses or be included with any downloads. Some Spyware is sent to see your buying habits and to advertise to you in a targeted fashion. There are many commercial and free software applications designed to identify and remove Spyware from your computer.


Multimedia FAQ's

I need an animated logo, can you do this?
Yes we can. We produce animated logos for the Web, Film/TV and CD-ROM/DVD.

What is streaming media?
streaming media is multimedia content such as video or sound/music that downloads to the viewers computer as it plays. This allows for more instant access to content as apposed to downloading which requires the user to wait for the entire file to be saved before viewing can commence.


Design and Graphics FAQ'S

My company is new and needs a logo/branding, do you do this?
Yes we can. From logo design to complete branding or re-branding. We can guide you through the best designs to suit your new business and its web presence.

Music and Sound FAQ'S

Why do we need Foley and Spot Effects if we have Music and Sound Design?

Foley is the part of a film that brings things to life. In nearly all films, footsteps and doors creaking are added afterwards by Foley artists: people who mimic the images on film while recreating the sound. This is needed because it is often too noisy or impractical to record the live sound on location.

Spot effects lift a scene. These can be explosions or tyre screeches.

Sound design is used to make a scene hyper-real or simply to create a sound that doesn't exist in real life. Often this can involve numerous sound creation techniques from layering of sound, use of synthesisers or sampling to manufacture an ambience or effect. Imagine the sound of a giant robot terrorising earth... fortunately you can't just point a microphone at this one!!

To illustrate why music is so important in film, try watching an action flick without the sound. Inevitably much of the adrenaline is lost. Music often creates or enhances the desired emotive response.

See our Portfolio Section for examples of our Music and Sound Design.

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