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Portfolio - Interactive Media


Please see below for examples of our Interactive Media work.

what kind of parent are you interactive media

What Kind of Parent are You?

An bespoke Interactive media interface produced for One Space, for single parents to comment and share their experiences of bringing up children in a single parent family.


Visit 'What Kind of Parent are you?' here 




fridge phrases interactive online game


Fridge Phrases

An interactive online game produced for One Space, to encourage creativity and for single parents to share their creative experiences together.

Visit Fridge Phrases here





family quilt interactive media uploader


Family Quilt

A bespoke interactive media uploader produced forOne Space, where users can upload photos, music/sound, poems and stories that they have created

Visit the Family Quilt here 




still from the streetwise guide cdrom

Streetwise Guide to Your Future 2008


The latest Streetwise Guide to Your Future CD-Rom for young people aged 11-19 and parents.

This interactive CD-Rom was designed to engage young people in a fun and informative way giving information, advice and guidance on all aspects of going to 6th form, college or university. Funded by the LIFE area of Aimhigher, Designed and Produced by Stilton Studios.




merlin cdrom

Merlin - Medical Relief CD-ROM


CD-Rom compilation created for TWCAT Brighton - Marketing for charity organisations, on behalf of Merlin who provide medical relief and health care for underprivelidged countries.  CD-Rom to promote awareness of the work they do and the successful outcomes of their charity fundraising.




Introduction to Basic Risk Assessment

risk assessment cdrom page

CD-Rom produced for Dorset based Small to Medium Enterprises to raise awareness of Risk Assessment in the workplace. 

Funded by the European Social Fund through the Adapt initiative.  Managed by Cumbria College of Art and Design. Research by the Universities of Glasgow and Manchester.  Content by TRS Health and Safty Training.

Produced by The Arts Institute at Bournemouth.

Music and Sound Design, overall design and creation Stilton Studios - Media Creators.



Streetwise Guide to Your Future

streewise guide cd rom

CD-Rom produced for Dorset schools with useful advice and information for young people on going to 6th Form, College or University. 

Used as a tool by Higher and Further Education co-ordinators and careers advisors and used in conjunction with the website and distributed to all local schools.  Website to accompny cdrom is now offline.

Produced by The Arts Institute at Bournemouth, content provided with the help of partner colleges in Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire. 

streetwise guide cd rom title sequence still imageMusic and Sound Design, overall design and creation Stilton Studios - Media Creators. 

For further information on our CD-Rom work and collaborations with Schools, Colleges and Universities please contact Sam Jacobs.






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