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Portfolio - Music & Sound Design

Stilton Studios have been creating and composing original Music and Sound Design for over 10 years, with the experience and knowledge to create works for Websites / Animations / CD-Roms / Talking Books / TV & Film / Computer Games and Exhibitions.



Please select from the links below for examples of our Music and Sound Design.

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Direct links to Sample MP3 files can be found below:

'Minds Eye'

An Animated short film using latest Animation technology with a science fiction flavour.  Music composed to compliment this.

Please select the link below to listen.

Minds Eye soundtrack - Stilton Studios (3.6 mb)

'Mayan Creation Story'

An Animated short film about the Mayan people and the creation of life.  This originally composed music complimented the cut-out style of animation and story. Please select the link below to listen.

Minds Eye soundtrack - Stilton Studios (1.8 mb)

'Staircase Mountain'

An Animated short film.

Staircase Mountain soundtrack - Stilton Studios (2.4 mb)

'Postage Paid'

Pitch for Royal Mail Advertising theme.

Postage Paid - Stilton Studios (2.04 mb)

'Stilton Showreel'

Soundtrack to Stilton Studios Showreel.

Stilton Video - Stilton Studios (1.65 mb)


Music and Sound Design Experience

  • Learn2Lingo Music and Sound Design to accompany Animated Web sequence
  • Music, sound design and vocal characterisation for eleven Animated short films (Please see above to hear examples)
  • 20-minute music and sound collage for Animation Exhibition
  • Abstract musical piece for dance routine, Educational use
  • Music, sound and narration on Talking Books for the blind
  • Sound Design for Animated stings, Poole Animation Festival at Poole Arts Centre
  • Music, Sound Design and Voice-over for CD-Rom on Basic Risk Assessment
  • Music for Kodak/World Wildlife Fund Animated sequence for CD ROM
  • Music, Sound Effects and Vocal characterisation for Forest Arts Animation video
  • Music & Sound Design for 5 minute live action film ‘Life-size’



  • Chicago International Film Festival, For ‘Staircase Mountain’ Music & Sound Design
  • Won 1st in its category Music for Kodak/World Wildlife Fund Animated sequence


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