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Stilton and Wine go together like a match made in heaven.

We want to help take the mystery and stress out of setting up a Website, so we've developed a range of Stilton Studios Website packages (based on wines!).

Each Website package offers a range to suit a wide variety of needs;

from the 'Beaujolais' or 'Burgundy' – ideal for business start-ups to get that initial foot on the Website ladder,

or our 'Port' Package ideal for established Businesses looking to enhance sales/growth and further potential.

Use the links on the left to find out more...

Unsure which package is right for you?, please contact us and we will be happy to help!

T: 01273 277665


We look forward to hearing from you!

Kind Regards,

The Stilton Studios Team

web packageBeaujolais - £100


  1. 1 Landing page ( Homepage )

  2. Intro text

  3. Bespoke design

  4. Contact details
    (address/tel/email link)

  5. 2 images

This is based on 1 hour of studio design time

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Web packageBurgundy - £500


  1. xhtml/CSS Website
  2. Bespoke Design
  3. Up to 6 Pages
  4. Up to 3 Images
  5. Input content and optimise for web
  6. Search Engine Optimisation – One round of site promotion to all major search engines e.g. Google and Yahoo

Compatible ADD Ons:

  • Content Management System
  • Training on CMS
  • Bespoke or Stock Photography
  • Animation ( Banners, logos )
  • Download area
  • 3D Panoramas
  • Contact us if what you require is not listed

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web packageClaret - £1000


  1. xhtml/CSS Website
  2. Bespoke Design
  3. Up to 20 Pages
  4. Up to 20 Images
  5. Feedback/Enquiries form
  6. Search Engine Optimisation – One round of site promotion to all major search engines e.g. Google and Yahoo
  7. Analytic Monitoring tools

Compatible ADD Ons:

  • Content Management System
  • Password Protected Areas ( hosting dependant )
  • Bespoke or Stock Photography
  • Flash/Flickr based Photo Gallery
  • Email Newsletters
  • Image Slideshow
  • Animation ( Banners, logos )
  • Download area
  • 3D Panoramas
  • Contact us if what you require is not listed

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web packagePort - £1500


  1. Database Driven Website
  2. Content Management System
  3. Bespoke Design
  4. Up to 20 pages
  5. Up to 20 Images
  6. Site Map
  7. Search Facility
  8. Contacts directory
  9. RSS Feeds
  10. Polls
  11. Archive content
  12. Time related publishing (pages can be published or unpublished at a certain date)
  13. Access control for registered users
  14. Password protected areas for registered users
  15. Who's online facility
  16. Contact/Enquiries form
  17. Email a friend, PDF and print page facility
  18. Search Engine Optimisation – Optimise content & one round of site promotion to all major search engines e.g. Google and Yahoo
  19. Analytic Monitoring tools

Compatible ADD Ons:

  • Shopping Cart (See Add-ons section)
  • Training on Analysing tracking data
  • Bespoke or Stock Photography
  • Photo Gallery (updateable and integrated)
  • Email Newsletter management facility, (includes 'subscribe to mailing list')
  • Forum
  • Image Slideshow
  • Animation (Banners, Logos)
  • Online Calendar
  • Download area
  • 3D Panoramas
  • Contact us if what you require is not listed

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web packageChampagne

Contact us for a free no obligation bespoke quote.


  • Totally custom website, unique in design and function
  • Tailored to meet all your requirements

Our experienced web department will translate your requirements to find a solution that best suits your needs.

We supply free no obligation quotes.

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social networking packageSocial Networking Package

Are you using Social Networking for your business?

Have you already set-up some social networking sites?

This technology won't do anything for you if its not updated regularly!

Web 2.0 needs driving to get the best out of it.

We can perform those required updates and tie in with your existing website to gather more targeted traffic. Online Social Networking is a valuable way to make useful contacts and to boost that hit ratio for search engine placement.

If you haven't set this up and are unsure of what Social Networking is, then we can set these up for you and take the stress out of it by updating the content.

The content can be pre-approved by you, so no information will be published without your consent.

  • Set-up of Web 2.0 for your business; Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, Twitter, Bebo,Wiki's, see our blog for a complete list.

  • Regular Updates and messages to your fans or group members ( targeted mailing list)

Initial setup (if required):

  • BLOG setup ( initial setup, with company logo and initial content ) £25
  • One-off set-up & populate for each additional site: £25 each site


  • 1 update monthly for one year: £150
  • 1 update fortnightly for one year: £325
  • 1 update weekly for one year: £650

(1 update equates to 30mins studio time, cost is for one year and can be renewed yearly)

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social networking packageFully Featured Web Shop

(Prices range from £2390 - £2500)

NOTE: This is a completely integrated whole package. For a smaller e-commerce solution please see the shopping cart add-on for the PORT package.


  • Information architecture and planning
  • Choice of designs
  • Construction
  • Testing all and upload new Website
  • Search Engine Optimisation – Optimise content & one round of site promotion to all major search engines e.g. Google and Yahoo
  • Content manage additional pages such as; about us, how to find us, contact and home' etc.
  • Training

Domain Name and Hosting:

  • We would suggest using our regular reliable hosting company for a standard server with third party gateway such as Paypal or for a secure server with payment gateway. May also require a security certificate. See below for more information.

To set-up an e-commerce facility with approximately 15 categories. Initial 5 product pages to be set-up by us, subsequent pages to be added and managed by the client.

You have two options regarding the type of e-commerce site you wish to go for, we will outline the pros and cons of both so you can make an informed decision.

The Third party gateway is a software and network service that operates between your Website and the bank authorization systems. The Internet payment gateway is the Internet equivalent to the credit card swipe terminals used in your local retail stores. A third party gateway is hosted on a secure server such as Paypal.



OPTION 1: Third Party Gateway - £2390.00


  1. Cheaper than the secure server to set-up and run

  2. Less bank costs

  3. Costs are deducted at source or each purchase
  1. Cart has no secure server padlock icon. Padlock only appears when customer is entering account details (less customer confidence). Main transaction is however, as secure as other system



OPTION 2: Secure Server - £2500


  1. Generally, customers will be more confident in purchasing from a shop whose entire order process is SSL (secure socket layer) secured, rather than only at the payment process

  2. Padlock appears at the very beginning of the payment process, ensuring customer confidence

  3. Choice of payment gateway as recommended by your bank


  1. More expensive to set-up and run than a third party gateway

A secure server requires an 128 bit SSL Certificate per year and secure server hosting. This is required for the secure transaction ( required yearly ) £180


Training for Option 1 and Option 2 :

  • 6 hours Training in the use of the E-Commerce System included. Additional training can be arranged on request at additional cost. Please contact for details.

This price does NOT include any bank charges or fees from third parties such as payment gateways. You will need to contact your bank to set this up.

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social networking package


arrow Content Management

arrow Training

arrow Photography and Photo Galleries

arrow Animation

arrow E-Marketing and Communication

arrow E-Commerce



Content Management System (CMS)

Enables you to update your own content and images on your website. Access by username and password. Our more advanced CMS allows you to update your website from any computer that has internet access anywhere in the world! We have two levels of CMS, as we understand there are varying levels of ability and budget!

Site Updates

Let us content manage your site for you. Updates can be emailed directly to us and we will update copy (text) and imagery. Book us per hour (invoiced monthly) or choose a selected amount of hours for a year.

Password Protected Areas ( hosting dependant )

For areas of your website that require only specific people/customers/users to view, we can create password protected areas.

Download area

An application for staff (or administrators) to be able to upload files. This enables users or other staff members to download files etc. Requires the use of a CMS.

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Training on Content Management System (CMS)

On-site Training in how to update and manage content. For either one-to-one, or up to a group of 5 website editors and administrators.

Hassle free, we arrange a date that is good for you. Training is on-site (so you don't have to leave your desk!).

One day ( 6 hours of training ) minimum is recommended (depending on present skill levels).

More hours can be arranged on request if required. Training resources are supplied and all of our training sessions are tailored to meet your specific needs.

Training on analysing tracking data

Analysing who visits your website is crucial to your marketing strategy. Seeing which pages are popular, and also monitoring how visitors arrive at your site and from which geographical location, can inform positive changes to your site layout and content.

This training is specific to where we have installed the analytic tracking tool. On-site one-to-one training from 30 minutes to one hour. Training resources supplied.

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Bespoke Photography

We offer a bespoke photography service free of any licencing issues. Having bespoke photos means you are able to use them over and over again in whatever format or application you wish. All our photos are all taken at high resolution and can be used for a variety of applications.

Stock Photography

Stock photography is photography that can be used and reused for a variety of commercial purposes (licence permitting). Each photograph is selected from a library and has to be paid for individually. Prices vary as to which application the photo is to be used for ie. Print or Web. The benefits of stock photography is in the wide variety of images available, the disadvantages is that they can be costly and you might see the same photograph on someone elses website!

Flash/Flickr based Photo Gallery

A stylish Flash and Flickr based photogallery. Requires a flickr account (free), which we can be set-up for you if required. This method is updateable by the client and enables new photos to be uploaded when required. This works with any level of web package.

Image Slideshow

An Image slideshow is perfect for promoting/highlighting your business in an interesting way to customers/web users and can also be made interactive.

The Slideshow system combines text and images to create 'slides', as well as (slide) navigation. These 'slides' rotate one after the other with various fade effects, while text can be displayed/integrated anywhere inside the slideshow. Navigation features are play/pause and previous/next buttons, as well as individual slide selection buttons for full control by the user/visitor of your site.

Photo Gallery – updateable for CMS

An intergrated photogallery that is part of our Port system and above. This allows for multiple galleries in different catagories and includes lightbox technology to display images in a special window without popups. Fully maintainable by the client.

3D Panoramas/Virtual Tour

A Virtual Tour allows visitors to your website to view your premises or shop before visiting. Also good for lettings agencies to view flats or private sellers. We can create maps with click-able zones to view 360 degree photographs of specific areas.

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Animated Banners

We can create custom animated banners that move, and/or are interactive. Especially useful to draw your audience to a specific part of your site, or simply to add visual interest.

Animated Logo

Have your Logo Animated and bring your company branding alive!. Applications for your Animated logo could be; on your Website, in any promotional screen based work such as on Powerpoint presentations, TV ads or CD-ROMS.

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Social Networking

For more information on our social networking package click here

Email Newsletters and management facility, (includes 'subscribe to mailing list')

An on-line application to send bespoke html email newsletters to subscribers. This allows visitors to subscribe to an email newsletter and unsubscribe via email. You can update and manage this facility via a user name and password from your website and you will be able to manage the mailing list and email out your news, events and offers to all your existing and prospective customers.


Interact with your readers/customers and set up a dialog between them.
Create a sense of online community with your business as the focus.

On-line Calendar

Application to include an online, updateable calendar on your website. This feature is ideal for notifying staff and web users of meetings, events, holidays etc. Calendar topics can be split into subcategories, colours and themes and can be accessible by all who visit the website.

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The following is an add-on for the Port package to add web cart functionality to a site. This is recommended for smaller e-commerce projects, where selling isn't the primary function of the site.

Shopping Cart

This is an ADD-ON shop for the PORT Package

  1. Secure Paypal payment facility
  2. Product variations facility (add to basket/cart)
  3. View basket/cart
  4. Add to cart Buttons
  5. Back end management of tax and additional costs such as postage facility
  6. Checkout

For a complete, fully featured web shop see our E-commerce package

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web packagesStilton Studios Web Packages

Choose for our wide range of packages, each with there own merits to suit your requirements and budget.

Click below or choose from the menu on the left:

arrow Beaujolais

arrow Burgundy

arrow Claret

arrow Port

arrow Champagne

Also, see how you can customise a package with Add-ons:

arrow Add-ons

Maybe you need a Web Shop or Online Marketing help?

arrow Social Networking

arrow E-commerce

When you have chosen your package please visit step two:

arrow Domain & Hosting

easy stepsWhy Choose a Stilton Package?

  • No hidden costs: our packages tell all and any necessary extras such as hosting/domain will be clarified from the outset. Also, there's no additional VAT costs added.

  • Original Designs: We produce bespoke designs for all our wine labelled packages, no templates here! So each website we produce is unique to you and your business

  • Added Extras: You can choose your extras, much like a pizza! Instead of paying for extras that you really don't need.

  • Room for Growth: We create sites that grow as your business grows, so you can add to your site when you need to.

  • No Jargon: We dont shroud things in techy jargon, we tell it like it is and give advice along the way! ( if you want it that is! )

  • Friendly Service: We're not a faceless company, we pride ourselves in good customer relations, you are important to us and we always aim to provide a friendly, reliable and approachable service

  • Free Wine!: and last but not least..... we're giving away a FREE bottle of wine from your chosen package to celebrate the completion of your new Website!

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easy stepsYour Domain Name and Hosting

Your website needs somewhere to live and it needs an address (URL - e.g.

This is Domain name registration and Hosting. You will need to consider this in your final overall Website costings*.

The Domain and Hosting costs are not included in our packages as prices / options vary. To give you the best deal please contact us...

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*Domain and Hosting is an ongoing (yearly) cost for the life of your website.

easy stepsContact Us

When you have decided on your package and add-ons, all that remains is to contact us!

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easy stepsAdditional Packages

We also have our NEW Social Networking package and
E-commerce solutions for your specialist needs!

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